Selling your boat?

Are you thinking of selling your boat?

Seasport Marine has a great track record of selling used boats quickly and with a minimum of fuss. We work hard to get you a fast sale buy putting your boat in front of potential buyers not only online but in person at our modern, safe and secure premises in Kelmscott. We can get you a great price and you don't have to deal with any of the hassles that arise with selling it yourself. We do the lot!

Our catchment area is the vast and heavily populated south east region of Perth. We are right on the doorstep of many of Perth's fastest growing suburbs, which means plenty of fresh buyers are nearby. We also keep a database of potential buyers, so in many cases we don't even need to advertise your boat, we just present it to our pre-qualified buyer for a seamless, quick sale.

Our dealership is a full service shop that has a modern workshop, so we can do any repairs or upgrades to your boat before or after sells. We also sell new Honda 4 stroke outboards so we can package up your boat with a repower for a prospective buyer on the spot.

We have finance options for buyers with both Honda finance and United finance, so we don't lose a sale when a purchaser cant quite raise the funds to buy your boat.

Any work that needs to be done to the boat can be completed in our workshop for the buyer, which makes your boat a much more attractive proposition for the purchaser.

Our consignment sales system is simple!

Step 1 - fill out the form, upload some pics and submit it

Step 2 - receive an email from our sales team that will have an estimate on the price we can achieve for your boat and an estimate on the commission or fee for us to sell your boat. We will also let you know what documents we need from you to get the ball rolling. If you are happy with our proposal, then head to step 3

Step 3 - bring your boat down and drop it in to our yard. We will go over your boat with you and discuss anything that is relevant. 

Step 4 - we will thoroughly check your boat in our workshop and detail any issues and catalogue the equipment and accessories that are in your boat. We will then complete a consignment form detailing all the relevant info.

Step 5 - We will get you to check and agree to the consignment form and once you have signed, we will get your boat prepared for sale!

Step 6 - When you boat sells, we will pay you the agreed amount direct into your account the moment the buyers funds clear. No mess, no fuss, straight into your account.

Your boat remains your property at all times and you can dissolve the agreement anytime, just give us a few days to get your boat ready for collection.

Our sales staff have been selling new and used boats for literally decades and we specialize in a smooth, casual process for both buyers and sellers!