Insurance Condition Reports and Pre-Purchase Inspections

Did you know we offer insurance condition reports and pre-purchase inspections?

We can provide a comprehensive report for insurance purposes that is accepted by all the marine insurers, including Club Marine, Nautilus, RAC, SGIO & YMI. We check everything, including the hull, trailer and motor. Normal cost is $150 for a trailer boat/motor and trailer. We provide the written report in hard copy or electronically and we also take images of your boat to go to your insurer.

We also provide a pre-purchase inspection service. The cost is the same for the insurance report, but we do also break it down to $50 for outboards, $50 for boats and $50 for trailers. We can normally provide estimates for repairs on the spot too! Don't buy a dud privately, get it checked out by the people who make a living from trailer boats!

Our inspections are comprehensive and unbiased and accepted by almost all trailer boat insurance companies.