Formosa Tomahawk Offshore Centre Cabin Range

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550 model with 135hp Honda package. Select other models below for package pricing
Formosa Offshore Centre Cabins come standard with:
White painted hull, graphics, nav lights, bilge pump, switch panel, Cabin with screen, bucket seats with storage, folding targa bar, self draining deck - selected models have transom door & hyd steering (download and check the spec sheet for exact de
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Formosa hull, Dunbier full roller trailer (dual axle 550 and up), Honda outboard with analogue gauges & alum prop, offshore safety kit, marine battery, 12mth boat and trailer rego
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The Tomahawk OFFSHORE Half Cabin has a High Tensile 5083 Aluminium Plate Hull, the Formosa Marine Self-Draining Deck, the V2 Hull, foam filled hull and with great stability. The full walk around design, sheltered seating and Formosa Marine’s well known wide beam and high sides add comfort, protection and a larger internal space. Now available in 7 meter. The V2 HULL has a sharper deadrise giving a softer ride, an improved trim range and increased performance, extra floor structure for a solid under-footing and side extrusions to hide fuel lines and wires for a clean interior. The OFFSHORE Half Cabin has the strength of a 4mm aluminium hull and 5mm bottom sheets in the larger sizes 620 and over. Standard are two (2) box pedestal sliding seats, transom door, transom storage hatches, heavy duty Formosa Marine Bowroller and Tow-Catch™, heavy duty dive ladder, hydraulic steering and more. Need a hard top? OFFSHORE Centre Cabin comes standard with a folding Rocket Launcher which can be fitted with a Hard Top Visor. Also available is the Open Cabin Hard Top with Radio Box and on sizes 580 and over the new Enclosed Cabin with Glass & Sliding Windows. The Tomahawk OFFSHORE Centre Cabin is a serious offshore fishing machine with more Standard Features that you only get with a Formosa Marine built aluminium plate boat.


The latest advancement in hull design, the V2 Hull offers  enhanced performance and strength, while maintaining and taking advantage of Formosa Marine’s acclaimed sharp nose line, deep hull and wide beam. The V2 Hull advances and modernises the boats through the following enhancements:
SHARPER DEADRISE: A sharper, more defined deadrise provides greater trim range, enhanced tracking, softer ride and a quick response out of the hole.
UNDER FLOOR CELL DESIGN: Increased floor rigidity using an under floor lock cell design, gives the floor more structural reinforcement.
INCREASED STORAGE: Extra side pockets for more storage and additional hull strength.

HULL STRENGTH UPGRADE: From size 455 and over, all Formosa Marine built hulls now feature 4mm sides with no pressings as standard.
While an increase to the deadrise usually results in compromising a boat’s design, the new V2 Hull sees no change to beam width, no effect to the renown stability and most importantly still allows for a true self draining deck with scuppers on the OFFSHORE models; a bilge pump is not required to drain the deck. Safety is still paramount with foam filled hulls and bilge pump installed in the hull.


Get closer to the water with the FORMOSA MARINE ’Fastback’ Transom is a practical and stylish design that operates as a great dive platform for easy access to the water and motor bay. Fitted with an accompanying heavy duty dive ladder on all boats and non slip tread mats as standard; entering the boat and access to the water and motor is a breeze.


A FORMOSA MARINE built hull is renowned for its generous freeboard height, wide beam and ergonomic layout making you feel like you are in a much larger boat! Combined with the sharper deadrise of the V2 Hull and reverse chine, a Formosa Marine boat gives you more stability and a smoother, drier ride in all boating conditions.


The transom holds a large storage shelf giving plenty of room for holding twin batteries. The transom shelf provides extra off the floor storage for a deck wash kit, oil tank, all bait hosing or for installation of an optional recessed bait tank. It allows room for a transom door to be fitted if required on the CLASSIC models. A transom door comes standard on the OFFSHORE.


The exterior hull on an OFFSHORE model is built with High Tensile 5083 Marine Grade 4mm aluminium sheeting. Aluminium 5083 is known for its exceptional performance in extreme environments and highly resistant to attack by seawater. FORMOSA MARINE offers even more; OFFSHORE models, sizes 620 and over, are built with 5mm bottom sheets as standard.


Add better access to the Fastback Transom and motor bay with a Transom Door installed. This is a standard feature on all OFFSHORE models. The Transom door has the FORMOSA logo engraved on the outside and a stainless steel latch to securely close from the elements. Step comfortably down to the generously wide transom area for fantastic water access.


SeaStar Solutions® Steering Systems are standard on the Tomahawk range. The OFFSHORE models are fitted with a premium SeaStar Hydraulic Steering System. Hydraulic steering systems are relatively exempt of frictional loads making them more efficient, reliable and require less maintenance than cable. 


With a 120mm wide reverse chine, the FORMOSA MARINE hull naturally offers great on-board stability at rest. There is no need to install trim tabs. Along with FORMOSA MARINE’s plate boat construction, their boats offer excellent tracking performance in tight turns, a smoother ride in choppy conditions and a quick response out of the hole.


With not only a sportier look, the raised sheer line provides protection from large swell keeping a drier deck and also allowing the massive internal space and deeper sides FORMOSA MARINE is known for. The distinctive curved chine line has become FORMOSA MARINE’s ‘hallmark’ well noted on the water.