2018 Savage 375 Snipe dinghy

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New Savage 355 Snipe dinghy in stock! From $2390
The Savage 355 Snipe is a Aussie made, medium sized, deep sided dinghy. Great as a car topper or put it on a trailer and use it for fishing and crabbing!
- Aussie made by Telwater
- 1.6mm bottom and sides
- 1.48m beam
- 81kg hull weight
- 2 wide seats with flotation
- Front and rear handles
- Can handle up to 15hp/58kg outboards
- Short/15"/381mm transom height
Bare hull price is $2390 plus rego ($160)
Packaged with inshore safety gear, Savage aluminium trailer, Honda 15hp 4 stroke outboard and 12mth boat and trailer rego it is just $8550
We can arrange Honda finance on the boat or boat package - contact us for rates, repayments and details on how to apply.
Available from:
Seasport Marine
19 Brant Road, Kelmscott WA 6111
Ph: (08) 9498 1799
email: sales@seasport.com.au
Web: www.seasport.com.au